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Leverage a pathway to next-generation at-the-edge sensor computing designed in collaboration with DoD.

Introduce SOTA technologies that will provide systems with cutting-edge technology improvements – dramatically accelerating the technology roadmap of processing/computing devices with significantly reduced SWAP and increased performance.

New Microelectronics Capabilities will be Available Soon. How Can you Integrate them into Military Systems?

The DoD is ready to transition advanced Multichip Packages (MCPs) into military systems. 

STAMP is your avenue to support adoption and access these technical specs.

Access to processing devices specifically designed in collaboration with DoD to meet DoD computing needs.

State-of-the-art Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP) Prototype Project

The primary objective of the SHIP prototype project is to demonstrate a novel approach to a secure, assessable, and cost effective SOTA integrated, design, assembly, and test leveraging the expertise of commercial industry.

The DoD is committed to advancing U.S. microelectronics. But, involvement and collaboration from every corner of the nation is critical as the DoD begins to put the capabilities of SHIP into the field.

Be one of the first to learn about the upcoming Stimulating Transition for Advanced Microelectronics Packaging (STAMP) project with Dr. Darren Crum, the USD R&E Team, and S2MARTS Director Doug Crowe.

Stimulating Transition for Advanced Microelectronics Packaging (STAMP)

S2MARTS is the DoD’s premier rapid OT contracting vehicle for flexible acquisition in trusted microelectronics, strategic & spectrum mission, and other critical mission areas.

The Strategic & Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems

About SHIP

Access the Best Commercial Technologies for Military Applications

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