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Year over year the NSTXL network has continuously grown awarding over $900 million in obligated funds in 2021.
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Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs) are a non-traditional contracting method designed
to help fast-track research initiatives and prototype innovation. OTAs are managed by organizations like NSTXL that release opportunities to their membership communities on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). 
The OTA is designed to help small businesses enter the market which is why annual membership fees for NSTXL begin at just $250.

What is an OTA?
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Non-Traditional Performers

 Regardless of your experience, we can help you expand your business and win more work.

Faster time to award
NSTXL was built so that you can quickly enter the market, eliminating barriers so you can innovate, today.
Recent Awards
SpEC Awards 46.5 million contract to Sev1Tech for Network Prototype

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Qualcomm & Intel to Build U.S. Based Microelectronics Facility through RAMP-C 

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$49 Million Contract, awarded through the TReX to Amherst Systems Inc.

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As the United States seeks to rapidly enhance its technology, your capabilities are needed now more than ever before.

 NSTXL members solve the toughest challenges across the most critical technology areas including Microelectronics, 5G, AI, Hypersonics, and Space Domain.

Your Technology is Critical to the Security of the United States.
Access government-funded Projects with the NSTXL Network

We are building the largest network of commercial innovators to take mission-critical technologies to the next level.

Regardless of Your Level of DoD Experience, You Can Help

Just last year, our network contributed to some of the most prominent government projects worth more than $900M in value. Over half of these opportunities were awarded to 'new to defense' organizations. Subscribe to the network and be the first to know when new projects are released.

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